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As snowsports enthusiasts, we've experienced the challenges of getting ski and snowboard kit to and from the slopes every season. We know the good and we've suffered the bad! We've felt the buzz being on the first lift up in the morning and the exhilaration of the first run down through virgin powder, when everybody else is in bed! 

We've also tried to haul coffin bags down stairs and tried cramming them into cars that are too small for the bags that are too big! Urrgh! We've been turned back at airport check-in's for having boot bags that are too big and charged for ski or snowboard bags that are too heavy. We've experienced different check-in rules for different people and different rules at different airports with different airlines!

We've been there, done it and learnt. The result being that we wanted to make snowsport luggage better. So we discussed, developed, tested and designed the SnoKart luggage range. Making ski and snowboard bags that make sense and make one think: ˜why didn't I think of that?

The SnoKart team thought long and hard about the journey to and from the slopes and decided to design a system of luggage that's made to help make that journey as stress free and economical as possible. Our range of ski bags, snowboard bags and boot bags are therefore easy to handle, pack and carry. They are manageable and versatile. They allow for convenient packing and trouble-free loading, that can help avoid some of the ever-changing airline surcharges that sometimes seem designed to make our journeys to winter resorts as difficult and expensive as possible.


Snokart Kabin Boot Bag $249.95 (SOLD OUT)
Snokart 2 Ski Roller Bag $219.95 (SOLD OUT)
Snokart Board Roller $249.95 (SOLD OUT)
Snokart The Kart 3 $399.95 (SOLD OUT)
Snokart The Kart 6 $499.95 (SOLD OUT)